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What is construction timber?

When implementing your project, whether for wooden structures indoors and outdoors or for substructures, it is important to make the right choice of construction timber. Also known as solid construction timber, this involves working with the whole tree trunk, which means that the sawn timber retains its original moisture content and dries on its own. The natural structure thus remains unchanged, there are no irregularities in the wood and it is not mechanically influenced in any other way, which is also reflected visually in the rustic aspect.

Where is construction timber used and for what purpose?

Due to the sharp edges and the saw-optimised roughness of the material, this material is perfect for individual cuts & the use as a stable construction timber as well as a visual feature for your venture; This can be seen particularly well in our square timbers. All types of our structural timber are suitable for use as rafters and purlins for timber frames and other timber focused construction.

The stability and load-bearing strength also ensures that structural timber is often used in roof trusses, carports and other types of roofing. The stability of solid construction timber also makes it very suitable for extending your substructures, such as terraces in gardens.

Solid structural timber at Topholz24

The various types of wood differ from each other visually and in other properties, despite the same processing and areas of application. The dimensions play the biggest role here. Whether you are planning your very own DIY project for the exterior & interior and are aiming for a new natural style; or are looking for a stable material to optimise your sheds & wooden houses;

We at Topholz24 offer you a flexible and strong material in the form of solid construction timber that is exactly what you are looking for, from the rustic design of your leisure facilities to timber house construction.

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